Enterprise culture is the foundation of enterprise's core competitiveness. Facing the rapid development of economic environment and increasingly fierce competition atmosphere, in order to build the three core competitiveness of enterprises, namely human resources, market service and technological innovation, we must form a learning enterprise culture with distinctive characteristics, openness, tolerance, innovation and honesty, and use advanced enterprise culture to attract, inspire and achieve talents.





  1. It is composed of seven purple petals with light in the middle, which means that purple lighting focuses on the development of industrial lighting.

  2. Seven flower petals represent seven colors, and purple has the strongest penetrating power, which means that purple lighting pursues lofty goals.

  3. Purple is composed of red spectrum and blue spectrum. Red represents enthusiasm and positivity, while blue represents rationality and wisdom. Purple lighting people should pay all their enthusiasm and wisdom for customers.


Core Business Philosophy


  Vision: Strive hard and never be satisfied, and become the leader in the field of industrial lighting in China. 

  “Hard work” means that after we meet certain material needs, we pay more attention to spiritual pursuit. “Never satisfied” means to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises and keep a sense of crisis at all times. Become a leader in the field of industrial lighting, take a leading position in China in various business indicators, and maintain a competitive advantage. It should include the following three aspects: First, the company's market service agencies (offices and business departments) and market service personnel should be able to basically cover major regional target customers, and there is basically no blank in major industries and regions nationwide, so that people in the industrial field can enjoy the lighting service of Ziguang people. Second, in terms of product development and production capacity, it can meet the basic lighting needs of all target customers under the existing working conditions. At the same time, it is at the leading level in terms of the quantity and quality of product development, production equipment, site and management level. The third is to make the brand influence of the company enter the forefront of the professional lighting industry, actively plan to list on the GEM as a whole, greatly enhance the brand awareness and reputation of customers, and strengthen the recognition and sense of belonging of upstream suppliers, customers and industry authorities in the industrial chain, especially employees and their families.

  Mission: By providing employees with value sharing and growth space, we will continue to provide customers with value-added services.

  The meaning of the company mission is as follows:

  ① By sharing the achievements of enterprise development for employees, we can further stimulate the motivation of serving customers well. This includes two meanings. First, it is the foundation of the company's mission to provide value-for-money service to customers. The purpose and purpose of our purple lighting is to provide value-for-money service to customers in the field of industrial lighting. Second, it is necessary to share the development achievements with employees, so as to better serve customers. Only when employees have a sense of ownership and improve their professional skills can they better serve customers. This is the main method and way to achieve our mission.

  ② Value sharing and growth space: 'Value sharing' refers to continuously improving the salary level and working environment of all employees, so that they can enjoy rich training and increasingly perfect welfare, so that all employees can personally feel the changes brought by each step of the company's development, so that all employees who work hard can get benefits, not just the top management of the enterprise. 'Growth space' refers to letting talented employees come to the fore, giving them higher positions, greater responsibilities and more honors, making their promotion channels long enough, and the growth space is not capped, and the top talents among them should be gradually absorbed as partners.

  ③ Value-added service refers to: we not only provide customers with high-quality and low-price products, but also help customers establish the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection and healthy lifestyle, as well as other excellent extension services around their own jobs.


Core Values

   Management concept: innovation, honesty and respect.

   “Innovation” is simply the act of creating a new contradictory community by using existing basic resources or social elements. The significance of innovation lies in meeting the objective needs, and being able to effectively solve the problems encountered or to be encountered in work and life. Innovation is first of all a conceptual renewal,things are constantly developing and changing, people's concepts are constantly updated with the emergence of new information, theories and new things, and the thoughts and theories leading to change are the highest-level innovations, so it can be said that innovation is the driving force of development.

  Treating people with sincerity and winning people with trust is one of the best traditions of our Chinese nation. Sincerity means seeking truth from facts, not expanding or shrinking; The letter is to keep one's word, keep one's word, and keep one's promise. Honesty is the foundation of a career, the criterion of being a man, and the second ID card of Purple Lighting people.

  Win rapid development with innovation, win people's trust with integrity, and win respect with innovation and integrity!

  Quality View: Persevere in improving production and service system. 

  Technical research production and market service system are two important systems of quality assurance.

  Technical research and production system from product design to production and assembly to quality inspection to ensure high-quality products leave the factory; A good market service system ensures that customers can get reliable consultation and service in the process of purchasing and using, and then achieve the continuity of high-quality products. These two systems are indispensable and cannot be neglected. Quality management has only a starting point, but no end point. The company constantly improves the production and service system, starting from the basic market rules and continuously improving the quality beginning and management system, so as to achieve the company's highest quality and provide customers with value-added services.



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